current workshops

current workshops


Write lusciously. Find community.

Join us for four Sundays in May to workshop and witness your writing transform under supportive feedback. I’ll walk you through my process of generating, refining and workshopping a piece. Each writer will have receive individual critique. We’ll be generative and kind. We’ll create a lot. This is a space to meet other writers and grow.

Each 90 minute session includes a mini-lesson, prompt, and critique. Master your own work. Discover what’s resonating. Harvest fruit.

This workshop is tight-knit and personal. Only 8 spots available.

Date: June 27
Times: 5 pm Pacific / 7 pm Central / 8 pm Eastern
Run time: 90 minute session 
Investment: $115

June 27th
5pm PDT 

$115 for non-Sustenance members

Free for Sustenance members

How to find your voice

This was a great experience full of inspiration and tips on how to write from the heart. Joy is a warm and tender teacher filled to the brim with knowledge and a pure love of poetry.


Just the right mix of craft and composition and a beautiful powerpoint for the visual learners among us. I left feeling 'fed' and inspired to write
—Sue Ann Gleason


 Ever wanted to have your work truly reviewed? Read and shredded? Lovingly dissected? My critiques are extensive and deeply detailed. Craft-based but heart-driven. I see possibilities in every piece. By identifying themes, ownable styles, and directions worth pursuing, I give you all the momentum to level up your language. Submit up to three pages for intensive feedback. Poetry, prose, memoir, fiction– it’s up to you. 

Every critique also includes a personalized reading list of selected authors curated to inspire your specific aesthetic as you continue to evolve your craft.


individual critique

Will I be required to read my work out loud in workshop? 
Absolutely not, but it’s really fun if you do. 

I missed the last workshop—when is your next one?
I typically offer workshops every other month. My email list gets first dibs on booking and dates. You can sign up here.

What happens if I can’t attend a session? 
I highly recommend folx attend in person, but all workshops are recorded so you’re able to replay at your leisure.  

What’s the best way to receive personalized feedback? 
Sign up for my in-depth workshop, Glean, or schedule an individual writing critique where I focus solely on your work and goals. 

Can you lead a workshop to my class or cohort? 
Yes! Check out my custom workshops if you’d like an individual visit. 


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